On a hot sunny Saturday on July 23 both nobles Joshua Katzenstein (Chief Rabban) and Noble Paul Ferreira (Oriental Guide) took a ride up to Cyprus Temple territory to see their Circus production. Former first lady Caitlin Williams gave us a carpool for the 2 plus hour drive to New York state. Cyprus Shriners is located in Glens Falls, New York. The event for the weekend circus was stationed at a little league field in nearby Rensselaer, New York.  Cyprus was dipping back into the Circus of things in a coordinated effort to bring the Big Top back to Cyprus Shrine. Nearby Oriental Shrine, has been doing it for years and has been able to turn it into a profitable endeavor to help fund Temple projects and support our Shriners Hospitals for Children our main philanthropic charity. Cyprus is hoping for the same intervention over time.

A big hand to the nobles of Cyprus! It’s not easy trying to reboot a once popular event that in today’s day and age is raft with animal rights guidelines and various rules and regulations of a modern society. I’m happy to report that this event, featured trained horses and dogs as the only animal-related activity aside from a photo opportunity at the break for kids and adults to take a picture with a Boa constrictor snake. The arena featured bleacher-styled seating for about two to three hundred people. Other acts included balancing acts, transformer car, Trapeze artists work, and of course the show clowns, never forget the show clowns! The Zerbini family circus was the show sponsor and has been in the business for over 250 years as their Facebook page highlights! Could there be a return of the Circus to Salaam? Well…. that is a possibility. Stay tuned!