Greeting Nobles,

I would like to start by thanking you all for electing me to serve you as Potentate for the upcoming year. It is an honor and privilege I will not ever forget. In the weeks leading up to the installation, I had a great deal of time to consider many things about the year ahead. Of those thoughts, the concept of my legacy as Potentate kept circling back around in my head. The idea of a legacy can be both uplifting and terrifying. Will I be known as the Potentate who let everything fall apart? Or will I be remembered as helping bring Salaam into a new age of prosperity and activity? Will I even be remembered at all or will I end up as just another portrait on the wall for future generations to look at from time to time?

Salaam currently sits at a crossroads, a crossroads that I alone cannot choose the correct path. Only the nobility as a whole can make the right choice. Although I have an amazing group of nobles supporting me, we cannot bear the entire burden. Our units and clubs have suffered devastating losses in the last few years. So much that a few have recently shuttered and more are on the brink. One solution is quite obvious. Do what the nobility wants to do. 

If you have an interest or a passion, let us start a club. Whether it be pool, bowling, shooting, fantasy sports, poker, beer and cocktails. There are no limits to what can be made into a club. I urge each noble to find their passion. Find what you love to do and you may be surprised as to how many others share the interest or even a curiosity. Do not think you are limited to just what is currently offered. Each of our clubs and units started from nothing, with a group of like minded nobles. 

The nobility is the legacy I am searching for. Our names may not be remembered 100 years from now. Our photos may be faded. But knowing Salaam is still running successfully will be enough of a legacy each of us can be proud of. Thank you again and I am exciting to work with each and every one of you to help build Salaam into the powerhouse I know it can become.