Wow! What a day Noble Paul Ferreira, Membership chairman, and the Elected Divan put together for a blast of a full Ceremonial Day at the Oasis! It took place on Saturday, June 4, 2022. We invited our newest nobles in waiting and their families to come and witness and be a part of the ceremonies. This was an excellent outlet and moment for our member base that we can do these things once again but more importantly, there isn’t anything that our family and friends cannot witness (aside from the grips and passwords which were done separately). We had the potential for 21 new members that day. Of which, 16 were able to make it. The day kicked off with a continental breakfast followed by informative videos on the hospital system and, the aspects of Shrinedom. This was followed by unit and club presentations detailing to the new members how they can too become involved in the Shrine.

Next up, was the full ceremonial costume performance by the Divan members. That led us to a champagne toast and boxed lunch for all in attendance. We had over 96 people on hand to take part in this excellent event. Special thanks go to Noble John Cataldo our newly made Recorder. He and Noble Paul Ferreira worked diligently to set up the class for a successful day. Additionally, if it were not for some of our ladies on hand this coordinated effort would have been that much more difficult. Ladies Semra Ferreira, Tes Welch, Dianne Hartshorn, Ellie Murphy, and Veronica Hummell were there until the completion of the day helping to work on collation, arrangements, and any other requests from our guests on hand.

Our ritual instructor Noble Glenn Visscher and our Oriental band comprised of Laurence Frolow, Glenn Visscher, and Mark Scheider were (if I may say) “Instrumental” in making things happen. Not only did they play ceremonial music, but noble Glenn serves as the ritual instructor that puts us through our paces as a team. Great work guys!  Oh…and we cant Dagmar! Yes, Dagmar the official Mascot of Salaam Shrine!

Let’s do it again in the fall!

Noble Paul M. Ferreira, Oriental Guide

Membership Chairman