Membership Management; It’s Meaning to You?

I wanted to take a few moments to query what membership means to you, and the principles behind what an active group of dedicated members can do for a Valley’s membership campaigns. The foundation stones of any valley contain two pertinent building blocks. That being membership and the portrayal of Ritual in a dramatic setting or staged format. These two components are the essence of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. It is what separates us from others. However, the superstructure upon which it is built is often tattered or becomes worn because the attentive need for new blood to regenerate its body falls short of the necessary plateau. That’s the membership quandary.

The management of Shrine Membership. This premise is set upon set goals and methodology for membership management. It extends beyond the first or second line signature to a potential member’s petition. It is the constant need to prune and feather the roost in the menagerie of the plume that is Shrinedom. You might say; “A tending to the flock of sheep if you will”.

The beginning goal of membership is to: Ensure that every member has exposure to our values and activity and is then offered a convenient opportunity to join in. Why is this essential? It makes the member take ownership of the opportunity. To make it their own!

Next, the member must have an opportunity to take part on some level. It’s about having that inclusive experience! This helps maintain his membership and seek to grow in new areas of involvement!

“Segmenting the Market”.  This serves as a primer to divide your members into three to five categories of interest and then create vehicles from them to develop activities that satisfy those interests. This could be the development of clubs or units addressing various aspects of interest from Wine to Model Trains, to Movie clubs, etc. Whatever it takes to motivate the base to offer an opportunity to multiply the involvement!

Finally, the management of “end of the cycle” types of membership. This entails showing compassion and care for our members. “We don’t just lose members, they die, their interests and circumstances change, and sometimes we just don’t satisfy their value proposition to continue paying dues”. Treating these groups according to their needs coupled with respect for our brothers nurtures membership success. Let’s give it a management approach!

Noble Paul Ferreira, High Priest & Prophet

Membership Chairman